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Over 160 Relevant Link Following Blogs

Edit: If you want a blog or forum added to this list – you can contribute it here. Also please read the latest update of this search engine.

The original nofollow list was sourced from third party sources, with the original list being created at http://courtneytuttle.com – I have taken this list and made over 200 additions and listed them by PR and category for SEO purposes.

I’ve had a pretty rough few days this week, so I dedicated quite a lot of time putting together a rather special resource for you. It may not look much, but it’s a list of over 160 categorised, PR ranked blogs which all don’t use the “nofollow” attribute in their links. Before you jump to the end of this article to download it, I’d like to say one thing: This list is not for blog spamming! Seriously, spamming it would be a waste of your time and a waste of the 10+ hours I spent putting this list together. Since I was feeling extra generous, I’ve also built the blog list into a Custom Blog Search Engine, so you can simply search for your niche and find relevant blog posts! Anyway, as I said…

Me no spammy list?
No, you no spammy list. For a start, it probably won’t work – plugins such as the awesome Akismet pretty much stop most automated spam, also if you piss the blog owners off, they’ll probably just nofollow the links anyway and then the fun’s over for everyone. There’s a much better use you can put this list to.

Ok, I’m listening. What’s there to do?
Okay, as I said, we’ve got a list here of over 160 blogs that will follow comments. All of them either have a lot of traffic, or high PR. (Some I believe have a high PR, but display PR0 because the Toolbar PR hasn’t updated yet). So for instance, lets take an example that you run a Travel Insurance website. The best thing you can do is look down list this and make your own mini-list of all of the blogs that cover travel and culture. These are going to be the blogs we want our links on, they have authority, traffic and more importantly, they are highly relevant.

It doesn’t take long to scan read a post, so have a look at the latest posts (who knows – you might learn something too!) then leave a comment on the blog, using your “name” as the keywords you want to rank for (try and keep it the least “spammy” as you can). In a standard comment you’ll want to compliment the post, make a relevant comment on the post content and a closing remark. Keep it short & sweet but try and add some value, this will get your comment approved.

If you factor this activity (say an hour a day) into your SEO/blogging schedule you’ll be picking up some nicely weighted, relevant links every single day – as well as the traffic you can generate from click-throughs. It is a safe method of building pretty good quality links that you can be sure will get indexed fast. The main leg work is in sourcing a list of blogs that don’t use the “nofollow” attribute, but I’ve already done the hard bit for you!

Isn’t there an ethics issue here?
Even for white hatters, I don’t think there’s an ethical issue here. So we’re putting our comment there for the sole purpose of getting a link, yes. However, if the blog author can read this comment and they think it adds value to the post, where’s the harm in that? If bloggers are so concerned about who they are giving their link juice to, they should be use the nofollow attribute in the first place.

That sounds like a lot of work!
Well, it really isn’t, but for your lazy types – you’re in luck. Jon Waraas has recently launched a service called Buy Blog Posts. His service essentially offers the above technique for 100, 500 or 1000 blog comments in your niche. Now, there has been a lot of criticism over Jon’s service saying it is “evil”, “vile” and it will “destroy the blogosphere”. These people, really need to get outside more, if not only so we can give them a kick in their blogospheres. As I stated earlier, if the author of a post can’t tell the comment is “pseudo-spam” then I don’t see what the problem is.

As usual – Give it a try and let me know how you get on! You are welcome to put a copy of the PDF list on your on website or blog.

Edit: If you want a blog or forum added to this list – you can contribute it here. Also please read the latest update of this search engine.

(This PDF is out of date now – use the search engine)

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  • canvas prints says:

    I can’t really see the problem, if the blogger can’t differentiate, why should anyone else mind?

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    thanx man…great job…..its really really helpful.keep it up….

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    Just to reiterate on what everyone else has already said: thank you very much for compiling such a list! I’m gonna download it now and be productive 😀

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    The concept is nofollow from a technology site

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    You compiled a do follow list. Why is yours a no-follow blog?

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  • Call Centers says:

    Great post. I thought of it several time and left many comments to blogs that do not follow. Now I wondering is it still worthed? Do we get link back or not? Is google capturing them or not? Thanks in advance for the replies

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    February 19th, 2009 @ 1:20 pm

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    This is quite frankly an amazing list…. I am in awe :)

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    Great list, simply great. Here’s another one that I pop in to from time to time.
    Thanks for the effort and for sharing Brian.

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  • Hipotecas says:

    Are those blogs still do-follow?

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    June 18th, 2009 @ 5:09 pm

  • Hanna @ Secret Cash Blueprint Review says:

    I’m so impressed that you were willing to put in so much effort into your list. I only wish it was available in Excel.
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    3 months on in campaign and i am finnaly seeing some rewards on long tail traffic. big thanks to u guys.

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    It’s interesting that the no-follow debate is still going several years after you first posted this article Mark. I guess it’s because link building is one of the most difficult aspects to SEO. Matt Cutts seems to have clarified some of the page link juice ramifications of no-follow in recent times. And Do-Follow has definitely gained a lot of traction with leading bloggers.

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